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YCCD - Contracts
The process, once the contract arrives in the Fiscal Services office, takes between 3 to 5 days depending on staff availability. Should it ever be necessary to expedite a contract, please contact the Executive Assistant of Fiscal Services or the Risk Management office to make arrangements.

[PDF] Contracts and Risk Management - Yosemite and Risk...
What is a Contract? •The essential elements necessary to form a binding, legal contract are usually described as: •Offer •Acceptanceof the offer •Legal purpose of the offer (Objective of the contract) •Considerationexchanged between parties (Both parties get something from the contract. The consideration does not need to be monetary.)

[PDF] Collective Bargaining Agreement Agreement 2020-2023.pdf
Much thanks and appreciation to each member of the Faculty Contract Negotiations Team who helped in crafting the 2020-2023 YCCD/YFA Faculty Contract: YFA Team: Jim Sahlman (Team Lead), Shelley Akiona, Erik Andal, Iris Carroll, Stephen Choi, Dimitri Keriotis, Tom Nomof .

YCCD - Contracts and Handbooks
Contracts and Handbooks. YFA/YCCD Faculty Contract 7/1/20 - 6/30/23. CSEA Local 420/YCCD Agreement 7/1/19 - 6/30/22. Leadership Team Handbook 2019.

YCCD - Contract Forms
Questions regarding forms, please contract: Dorothy Pimentel Risk Manager Fiscal Services - Risk Management (209) 575-6963 Fax: (209) 575-6562 or. Crista Noakes Executive Assistant Fiscal Services (209) 575-6531 Fax: (209) 575-6562

[PDF] California School Employees Association Chapter 420 Contract 2019-2022...
contract to include wages, benefits and all articles. 1.2.3 Negotiations shall be scheduled at a mutually acceptable time and place no later than thirty (30) calendar days following the public hearing. 1.2.4 At any time other than October 1st through November 15th, with mutual

[PDF] 6360 Contracts Electronic Systems and Materials Contracts - Electronic Systems and...
4 The District may contract with any vendor who has submitted one of the three lowest responsible 5 competitive proposals or competitive bids for the purchase or maintenance of electronic data-processing 6 systems and equipment, electronic telecommunication equipment, supporting software, and related 7 material, goods and services.

[PDF] SHORT-TERM OR SUBSTITUTE EMPLOYEE CONTRACT 202 02 YOSEMITE ... Term Contract 2021-2022 Master.pdf
• A Short Term Employee must not exceed 175 working days per fiscal year. (working days are counted by employee not position or contract) • Short Term Employees are not eligible to work Alternate Work Schedule (4-10’s) •This is a temporary appointment (non-classified and non-academic). Assigned workdays and hours may vary.

[PDF] 7-8048 Written Acceptance of Contract Written Acceptance of Contract.pdf
Any academic person, not under permanent contract, who fails to file written acceptance within 9 forty-five (45) days after notification will be deemed to have declined the offer. 10 11 A regular employee who fails without good cause to notify the Board of Trustees prior to the first day of

[PDF] (Modesto Junior College and Columbia College) Application ... Facility...
Any facility or equipment usage is limited to that listed on the application and contract. Special requirements must be requested in writing at least two weeks prior. J. A District employee shall be fully in charge of any facility being used. K. No promotional or advertising materials shall be sold without prior approval.